News: Are Former Tides A Timp Music Fest Oddity?

  Post-hardcore band Former Tides may not sport the typical Provo sound, but they’ll be sharing the stage with some of the city’s biggest names this weekend.   August 22, 2016 While Provo could be considered musically diverse given the relative success of musicians from the city, that diversity tends to… Continue reading

News: Goosenecks Music Festival Cancelled

  Goosenecks Music Festival – potentially the biggest Utah music event of the year – was abruptly cancelled today.   Things surrounding Goosenecks Music Festival started getting sketchy the last few weeks. After the timeframe for buying tickets at Tier 1 pricing officially closed, tickets at Tier 2 pricing never became available. Hopeful Goosenecks… Continue reading

News: Provo Artists Gear Up For Splash Fest 2016

Provo musicians will spend a day in the sun performing tomorrow at Seven Peaks Salt Lake.   Tomorrow, several Provo musicians will join national headliners Nico & Vinz for a day long music festival at Seven Peaks in Salt Lake City, UT. Provo artists include Mimi Knowles, Jamesthemormon, Jenn Blosil, and… Continue reading

Exclusive: Max Metcalf and Thomas Clawson – Creators of Goosenecks Music Festival

  Goosenecks Music Festival is the brainchild of Max Metcalf and Thomas Clawson – two forward thinking go getters from Provo.   When I walked into the room, Max Metcalf and Thomas Clawson were seated in front of a whiteboard covered in diagrams, To-Do lists, and statistics. On the To-Do lists… Continue reading

News: Goosenecks Music Festival Lineup Announced

The lineup for Southern Utah’s biggest music festival announced.   Torrey has a population of 179 people. Three hours from Provo and three hours from St. George, this little town sits just outside Capitol Reef National Park in southern Utah. Goosenecks Music Festival – the ambitious brainchild of BYU students Max Metcalf and… Continue reading

News: As College Semesters End, Year End Festivals Pick Up

  Before Utah college towns go ghost over the summer, several events are hoping to end the school year with a bang   Provo, Utah’s population was 116,288 in 2013. According to Forbes, BYU’s number of undergraduate students is 27,765. [1] That’s nearly 24% of the city’s population. It’s well known… Continue reading