News: Dada Departed – A Tribute to Stephen Cope

After 3 years of operation, Studio Studio Dada is bidding Provo farewell.   September 29, 2016 Provo, UT has no shortage of quality studios. June Audio, Pleasant Pictures, Noisebox, Bone Shack. But one in particular has played a key role over the last few years in shaping an emerging alternative scene:… Continue reading

News: Porch Lights Releases Concept Album

  Porch Lights’ concept album takes listeners back in time to experience high school romance in the 70’s.   Two years after the release of their debut album, Caverns, Porch Lights has released a brand new EP. Entitled Street Gaze, it’s a concept album about “lost love, youth, and cars in the 70’s.” The band’s aim with… Continue reading

News: Shows This Week (7/19 – 7/23)

All the shows happening this week in the Provo/Orem area.   Velour Live Music Gallery On Thursday, July 21st, Velour will host Bryan John Appleby from Seattle with Quiet House. Child Ivory and Taylor Wilson will also take the stage. Tickets are $8 online. Friday, July 22nd, will be a Fix The… Continue reading

News: Doris Day. Releases New EP

Provo punk outfit Doris Day. releases EP ahead of tour.   This week, Doris Day. released a split EP with Nampa, ID post-rockers, Midnight Legs//Marathon Lungs. The aptly named Tour Split consists of three tracks – two brand new Doris Day. songs and a ten minute piece from ML//ML. Concerning the… Continue reading

Exclusive: Up the Punx – Dylan Astle of Pop Warner

Pop Warner’s Dylan Astle discusses what it means to be punk, the band’s latest release, and Punk in the Provo music scene.   Dylan Astle is the front man for Provo indie punk group, Pop Warner. The band has released two EPs: 2014’s Bedroom Demo and 2016’s Pop Warner/Uncle Dirt Split. See what… Continue reading

News: Shows This Week (5/24 – 5/28)

See what shows in Utah County are happening near you!   Velour Live Music Gallery Wednesday, May 25th, Velour will hold an acoustic showcase featuring Austin Lush, Cole, Blake Crestani, and Kendra Squire. On Friday, May 27th, The Aces will premiere their new single, “Stuck.” They will be joined by… Continue reading

News: Shows This Week (4/26 – 4/30)

See what live music events are going down in Happy Valley this week.   Velour Live Music Gallery Wednesday, April 27th, Velour will be hosting Jack Pines as they release their new album, Laws Of Motion. They will be joined by Steel Born Buffalo and Kitfox. Tickets are $8 online or at… Continue reading

News: Shows This Week (3/29 – 4/2)

  Check out this week’s shows at all the major Utah Valley venues – plus some special events you won’t find anywhere else.   Velour Live Music Gallery On Wednesday, March 30th, Velour Live Music Gallery is set to host Star Crossed Loners, Reno’s Liam Cahill , Sarah Degraw, and Paul Travis… Continue reading

News: Shows This Week (3/22-3/27)

See who’s playing this week at all the local venues in the valley.   Velour Live Music Gallery Wednesday, March 23rd, Velour is having an Acoustic Soloist Showcase starring Devin Nebeker, Bridger Hall, Jordan Jacobson, and Camille Mora. Thursday, March 24th, Na-G will headline with 4th East Flood and Jr Mathematics… Continue reading

News: Medusa Collective to Host Show at Studio Studio Dada

Local artists to showcase new songs at Medusa Collective event   Tomorrow, March 20th, The Medusa Collective will host a show at Studio Studio Dada. A rarity in an area primarily dominated by devout Mormons, the event will take place on a Sunday night.  The mission of The Medusa Collective is… Continue reading