Exclusive: Conquer Monster – The Future the 80’s Promised But Never Gave Us

We got to speak with Conquer Monster about their unique brand of experimental electronica.   If there’s one thing Joshua Faulkner and Daniel Romero have, it’s vision. Conquer Monster is the lovechild of the electronic duo’s obsession with science, music, and 1980’s sci-fi aesthetics. See what they have to say about their graphic… Continue reading

News: California’s Peter Harper Celebrates Velour’s 10th Anniversary

Peter Harper loves performing everywhere, but the people in Provo make Velour one of his favorite venues.   Tonight at Velour Live Music Gallery, Cory Mon, Matt Lewis, Donnie Bonelli + Jeff Stone, and Peter Harper will be taking part in Velour’s 10th Anniversary Celebration. While the first three acts are local, Peter Harper is… Continue reading

News: Muse Begins a Weekend of Folk

Muse Music is providing a weekend of folk – a genre that holds a special place in the hearts of Happy Valley residents.   “Really, Utah County is the story of America,” says local folk/country artist Andrew Wiscombe about why folk music resonates with people in the valley. “Hard working people who made… Continue reading

News: Kindred Dead, Mojave Nomads, and Young North At Kilby Court

With all the buzz around Velour’s 10th Anniversary, it’s easy to miss other killer shows.   Velour Live Music Gallery has been busy the last few weeks. After completing renovations in preparation for a grueling and extensive schedule of high profile EP release, reunion, and all-star shows, their 10th Anniversary celebrations officially… Continue reading

Exclusive: Up the Punx – Ted Richards of Doris Day.

Doris Day. frontman discusses the band’s formation, his favorite local acts, and growth in the Provo Punk scene.   As the high resolution image he provided us with indicates, it is very difficult to spend time around Ted “The Red Ranger” Richards and remain serious for too long. We managed… Continue reading

News: Grizzly Goat Plays Kilby Court Tonight With Timmy the Teeth

Grizzly Goat to play new songs at Kilby Court before beginning work on a new album. Provo folk rock band Grizzly Goat will bring their unique brand of gritty backwoods americana to Kilby Court tonight in Salt Lake City. They’ll be playing alongside Scott Rogers and Timmy the Teeth – a well… Continue reading

News: Arvo’s Third Annual New Year’s Eve Party to Feature The Brocks and Strange Familia

Socially conscious Arvo provides minimalist watches and Provo City music this New Year’s Eve.   Arvo, a watch making company based out of Salt Lake City is hosting their third annual New Year’s party. Initially a way to gain some face-to-face time with their customers, the Arvo New Year’s Party has become a… Continue reading