News: Mimi Knowles Releases Emotional New Music Video

  Mimi Knowles has a new outlook on life, and it’s making things “Better.”   August 30, 2016 Provo soul/hip-hop artist Mimi Knowles has ramped up his production schedule in an effort to stay relevant and grow his core audience. He recently released three new music videos over the course of three… Continue reading

News: Rooftop Concert Series to Conclude Next Friday

Downtown Provo brings its summer of concerts to a close.   August 27, 2016 Next Friday, Downtown Provo’s Rooftop Concert Series will come to a close. True to tradition, Rooftop is welcoming the folk-gospel revival band The Lower Lights to the stage. The Lower Lights have played every year since… Continue reading

News: The Strike Releases New Single and Music Video

The Strike just released a new single ahead of their upcoming full length album.   Yesterday, The Strike released the music video they teased at a private event at Audio West last April, shortly before their Rooftop Concert Series performance. The video for their newest single, “Eye for an Eye,”… Continue reading

News: SiDizen King Releases Collaboration With The Moth & The Flame

The Moth & The Flame’s collaboration with indie rapper SiDizen King works surprisingly well.   This past Monday, LA-based rapper SiDizen King released his latest single, “Disappear.” It features the distinct, angsty vocals of The Moth & The Flame’s Brandon Robbins on the hook. The track was mixed by Scott… Continue reading

News: Provo Artists Win Big In City Weekly’s Best Of Utah Music Awards

The sheer number of Provo artists mentioned in City Weekly’s Best of Utah Music 2016 is a testament to Provo’s vibrant music scene   Every year, Salt Lake City Weekly looks to find the best music being made in the state of Utah. People like Alana Boscan of Diabolical Records,… Continue reading

Exclusive: The Love§trange on Hype, Chalk Art, and Album of the Year

The Love§trange discusses the Best of Utah Music nomination and their second studio album By Zach Collier February 10, 2016 It was 10PM on a Tuesday night. I pulled my car up to the curb in front of a small two story home in Orem, Utah. Immediately in front of me, Karl Strange… Continue reading

Provo Music Scene Celebrates Christmas

Utah Valley musicians unite with Provo City to raise money for those in need.   December 17, 2016 Last December, Provo City solicited the help of some of its biggest musical acts to create a Christmas compilation album. Released on December 8th, the album was distributed exclusively through the official website of the Utah County chapter… Continue reading

Exclusive: Q&A With Mideau

See what indie pop duo Mideau has to say about their new album. By Chase Larson September 10, 2013 Mideau is Libbie Linton and Spencer Harrison, two local musicians who have come together to create music somewhere between contemporary indie pop and vintage singer-songwriter fare that would make Joni Mitchell… Continue reading