News: Provo Ranked Among Cities Most Supportive of Kickstarter Projects

A recent study shows that Provo is incredibly supportive of its creators – specifically its musicians.   October 5, 2016 In a recent visual essay by Polygraph, authors James Wenzel and Matt Daniels used data provided by Kickstarter to examine the cultural climates of cities across the United States. They were given… Continue reading

Exclusive: Claire Grayson on The Madness, Artistic Vision, and Musical Influences

Claire Grayson discusses her past, her new image, and the future.   Claire Grayson is a genuine person. As a young musician, she has talent and insight beyond her years. Currently residing in Seattle, Washington after an extended stay in Provo, we were able to snag a few minutes with her… Continue reading

News: Claire Elise Launches Low Ceilings Release Tour

By Zach Collier October 16, 2014 You may have heard her voice singing to you in a cafe or floating over a captivated audience at an acoustic performance night downtown. Her name is Claire Elise, and she is clever, spunky, and a dang good musician. One reviewer said, “Claire is so effortlessly… Continue reading