News: Elaine Bradley, Robbie Connolly, Eric Robertson, and Scott Shepard Join Forces

The super group recorded three brand new songs over the course of three days in Provo.   The 24-Hour album concept is making waves in Provo. The idea of a group of musicians locking themselves in a room together to create brand new music by a set deadline is an intriguing… Continue reading

News: SVC To Take Off Again June 20th

Provo’s space rock opera is coming back. This time they’re playing a bigger venue at a much larger event.   Last Tuesday, June 7th, Space Venture Coalition announced that a live performance of the rock opera will be shown as part of the 2016 FilmQuest film festival. FilmQuest is Utah’s 2nd largest film festival,… Continue reading

Exclusive: Jared Gay on The 24 Hour Album

Last April, a team of Provo musicians wrote and released an album in under 24 hours. The time was 6:44 PM. With three minutes to spare, The Beautiful Baby Boys – a group that had formed 23 hours and 57 minutes earlier – released their first album online. 2000, as it is… Continue reading

News: Provo Celebrates Its 167th Anniversary

  On its 167th birthday, Provo City explores the history of a notable Provo music composition, promotes the local scene, and releases a goofy music video.   Today marks the 167th anniversary of Provo’s founding. In honor of the occasion, Provo City is hosting a Provo Founders’ Day celebration today at Provo Pioneer… Continue reading

News: Space Venture Coalition Shows Provo is Open to Alternative Forms of Entertainment

Provo musicians continue to innovate, combining music with elements of theatre and art.   Last Saturday, Space Venture Coalition packed Velour Live Music Gallery in downtown Provo, selling out. Due to its outlandish success, Velour ordered an encore show for Monday night, which also sold out. A space rock opera written by Jared… Continue reading