Exclusive: Learn Law by Day, LYLOH by Night

LYLOH is an aspiring BYU Law student with a knack for crafting beautiful electronica.   When she’s not catching up on sleep/studying, Holly Henrich is creating beautiful music, complete with sonically breathtaking electronic soundscapes and her sweet, nuanced vocals. Her BANKS meets FYFE/Chet Faker sound is bringing significant internet attention her way. She… Continue reading

Review: Strike Gold EP – Arloe

The Strike Gold EP features polished production, unique sounds, and stirring vocals that would make Capital Cities proud.   Arloe is the alias of Provo, UT based electronic musician Parker Edwards. Edwards has spent the last 9 months honing and perfecting his craft. It’s apparent that this guy has a keen… Continue reading

Exclusive: Conquer Monster – The Future the 80’s Promised But Never Gave Us

We got to speak with Conquer Monster about their unique brand of experimental electronica.   If there’s one thing Joshua Faulkner and Daniel Romero have, it’s vision. Conquer Monster is the lovechild of the electronic duo’s obsession with science, music, and 1980’s sci-fi aesthetics. See what they have to say about their graphic… Continue reading

Exclusive: Danny Olguin of Carpoolparty

Danny Olguin is one half of the Vaporwave duo Carpoolparty, which features his wife, Mary Olguin, on vocals. He is known for his work at Rock Canyon Studios, where he helped to produce the first three episodes of their live web series. He also collaborated with local rapper Na-G early… Continue reading

News: Carpoolparty Releases First Official Video

A daring new electronic genre meshes well with cinematic imagery. Electro-pop duo Carpoolparty, consisting of Danny and Mary Olguin, just released their first official music video, “Brick Houses.” The video features Carpoolparty’s signature imagery – retro 3D graphics, blocky text, video game sprites, and bright colors that delicately toe the line between… Continue reading