News: Goosenecks Music Festival Cancelled

  Goosenecks Music Festival – potentially the biggest Utah music event of the year – was abruptly cancelled today.   Things surrounding Goosenecks Music Festival started getting sketchy the last few weeks. After the timeframe for buying tickets at Tier 1 pricing officially closed, tickets at Tier 2 pricing never became available. Hopeful Goosenecks… Continue reading

Exclusive: Max Metcalf and Thomas Clawson – Creators of Goosenecks Music Festival

  Goosenecks Music Festival is the brainchild of Max Metcalf and Thomas Clawson – two forward thinking go getters from Provo.   When I walked into the room, Max Metcalf and Thomas Clawson were seated in front of a whiteboard covered in diagrams, To-Do lists, and statistics. On the To-Do lists… Continue reading