News: Provo Celebrates Its 167th Anniversary

  On its 167th birthday, Provo City explores the history of a notable Provo music composition, promotes the local scene, and releases a goofy music video.   Today marks the 167th anniversary of Provo’s founding. In honor of the occasion, Provo City is hosting a Provo Founders’ Day celebration today at Provo Pioneer… Continue reading

News: Space Venture Coalition Shows Provo is Open to Alternative Forms of Entertainment

Provo musicians continue to innovate, combining music with elements of theatre and art.   Last Saturday, Space Venture Coalition packed Velour Live Music Gallery in downtown Provo, selling out. Due to its outlandish success, Velour ordered an encore show for Monday night, which also sold out. A space rock opera written by Jared… Continue reading

News: Songwriter Showdown Starts Tonight

A longstanding tradition continues tonight at Muse Music in Downtown Provo. Who will be named the best songwriter in Provo?   Read our recap of the 1st round of preliminaries here. Read the recap of round 2 here. Read who won here. Tonight, Muse Music will be hosting their annual… Continue reading

News: The New Electric Sound Revisits Old Material With Former Bassist

  For one night only, Tom Brinton returns as bassist for The New Electric Sound.   One of the coolest things about Velour’s 10th Anniversary Celebration has been the venue’s ability to reunite favorite local bands that used to play there. There are currently 14 reunions scheduled to happen over the… Continue reading