Velour’s Summer Battle of the Bands Review

Photo Credit: Michael Hansen

With only a margin of five points between first place and third place- PIPES took home a well-deserved win.

June 21, 2017
By Cherish DeGraaf

The atmosphere was full of energy and excitement at Velour’s Summer Battle of the Bands Finals. Patrons came from all over the state, just to see who out of these five finalists would take home the win.

First up was Bri Ray- a former American Idol contestant; through her fun and poppy vibes, she had the whole crowd getting funky. With her outstanding vocals and songwriting, there was no doubt that Bri was a crowd favorite. We could party with her any day of the week.

Next up was Josh Snider and The Attic Kids. This new-to-Provo, six piece folk band had Velour patrons stompin’ and hollerin’ in no time. Using their signature one mic set up, they delivered a most excellent and impressive set- bringing a feeling of nostalgia and home to the atmosphere.

Pinguin Mofex was next on stage. And they definitely know how to have a good time. This “Weezer-esque” band has an exemplary rock based sound that rivals only the finest of musicians. They’re vibe took us back to the early 90’s and our hearts yearned to be at more punk rock shows.

Pipes was the fourth band to battle it out for the winning title. This female fronted folk band brought us back home. Pipes went one step further and came down onto the floor for an “unplugged” song, and connecting with the audience in ways that have rarely been seen. With sentimental lyrics and tight knit harmonies, they had the crowd awed.

And finally, taking the stage last was Sonsapapa. One of they’re most notable songs “$60 Boot” tells of the long held tradition of just how bad parking in Provo really is, and never has a band been so right. Their upbeat writing and sense of humor gave the crowd a reason to let go and let loose.

It was a very tight race and took the judges quite some time to come to a conclusion. Artists were slightly tense but were able to let loose with an intermediate dance party. Then finally it was time for the winner to be announced. With only a margin of five points between first place and third place- PIPES took home a well-deserved win. The crowed erupted in applause and hugs were coming from all sides. With their outstanding musicianship, we can’t wait to see what Pipes will do in the future.

Congratulations Pipes, you definitely deserved it.

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