News: The Solarists Release a New Single In Preparation For Their Homecoming Show


“I know that you’ll reach your dream, girl.”


February 2, 2017

In preparation for their homecoming show at Velour this weekend (Feb 3), The Solarists released a new single, “Dream Girl”, accompanied by a stellar and dreamy lyric video made by Chris Peterson and Scott McIntosh. The song is incredibly catchy and, in our objective opinion, deserves to be blasting on the radio in every car driving through the Wasatch Front.

Their homecoming show at Velour tomorrow has an exciting line-up with local acts OKKAH, their very own Steven Fogamomi, and foreigners Rabid Young — in from Vegas. It’s sure to be a show you’d regret missing.

“In this day and age there is much strife and disagreement, but none of that should ever stop you from reaching your dreams. Men and women should be treated equally. Nobody should be ostracized because of their personal beliefs. We are all part of one great whole, and nothing should stop you from reaching your goals. Reach for the stars. Dream, Girl!” – The Solarists

Check out “Dream Girl” in the video below, give their Facebook page a like, and be sure to grab tickets for their homecoming show before they sell out!

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