News: Provo Music Playlist – November 2016


November’s here, and we sure are grateful for killer local music. Enjoy all 56 minutes of our November Provo Music Playlist.


November 1, 2016

Check out Reach Provo’s official Provo Music Playlist on Spotify! Updated for the month of November, this playlist features our favorite tracks from the local music scene, including disparate genres ranging from hip-hop to experimental rock and folk. These are tracks from artists we’ve reviewed, interviewed, or seen live. You can stream the playlist below. Make sure to follow us on Spotify for monthly compilations!

Artists and songs featured on the November ’16 Provo Music Playlist:

“Scrape the Sky (feat. Fresh Big Mouf)” – Can’t Stop Won’t Stop
“Way with Words” – Mideau
“Shift” – Telesomniac
“Upside Down” – Chariot
“Yell” – Laken
“Where I Come From” – Jessica Frech
“Oh My Road” – Grizzly Goat
“Feel the Same” – Joshua James
“Just a Song” – My Fair Fiend
“Any Press Is Good Press” – Lost In Bourbon
“Another You” – Motion Coaster
“Bliss” – Red Sleeves
“Suitcase” – The New Electric Sound
“Stars” – Sego
“Minus Yours” – Kissed Out

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