News: Provo Music Playlist – February 2017

Let’s welcome in the month of Groundhog Day and Valentines with a fresh playlist of Provo music. Here’s to finding warmth despite Phil’s long-winter prediction.

Artists/songs featured this month:

Song Artist
Dream Girl The Solarists
Free Festive People
Buddha Boy Speaks Stranger Okkah
Faint Of Heart The Strike
Better Mimi Knowles
Shine (Acoustic) Cinders
Just For The Thrill Solarsuit
Silver RKDN
O.C.D. Grey Glass
The List Michael Barrow
Curves Brother.
Embers and Stardust Elytra
Weather (feat. Mimi Knowles) Motion Coaster
Steady + Sure Quiet House
Creatures of Migration Cephas
Out Of Sight Ain’t Out Of Mind Grizzly Goat
Simple The Moth & The Flame

Check out February’s playlist below, and be sure to follow us on Spotify to stay up-to-date on each month’s featured artists. Now go out and like all of these guys’ Facebook pages.

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