News: Nintendo Switch Super Bowl Commercial to Feature Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons and video games are simply a match made in heaven.


February 1, 2017

Nintendo’s first ever Super Bowl commercial will be featuring Imagine Dragons’ latest single “Believer”.  Having written “Warriorsspecifically for Riot Games’ League of Legends 2014 World Championshipsand being the closing act at the event, it’s only fitting that they’d be the music for Nintendo’s debut to the world of Super Bowl commercials. Heck, it’s hard to imagine a more epic band to be listening to while duking it out with virtual enemies and amping yourself up for the newest Nintendo console.

The Super Bowl last year was watched by over 111 million people. Stack that against the 288 million viewers of the League of Legends 2014 World Championships and you start to see just how big of a band Imagine Dragons has become (not to mention how much they must enjoy video games). They’re a worldwide juggernaut, destined to leave a lasting impression on humanity as a whole.

And they started it all in Provo.

Check out the extended cut of the commercial below, and be sure to look out for it when you watch the Super Bowl this weekend!

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