News: Willy & Tay Hit The Scene With a Beautifully Endearing Video

The music is slow and soothing, pulling you in with their dynamic voices and Willy’s rhythmic guitar.

February 23, 2017

Taylor Rose and Willy Sauer, better known as Willy & Tay, recently recorded a new single entitled “Me & You,” and was captured by Cold House Studio film team. This acoustic love ballad is everything you could want from a guy-girl duo. It certainly tugs at the heart strings as the lyrics indicate that their paths are going different directions. The catchy lyrics are well thought out, and paint a picture that’s a bit too familiar to anyone who has tried the “long-distance” thing… “I’ll be livin’ in the Queen’s city. Don’t you worry, don’t you worry ‘bout me.”

The music is slow and soothing, yet pulls you in with their dynamic vocals and Willy’s rhythmic guitar playing. Their voices complement each other quite nicely–imagine the musical offspring of Us the Duo and The Lumineers. This song carries a heavier meaning, since Willy & Tay are an actual item–in fact, they’re engaged! They met in Africa while working in the same english teaching program. Soon after, they began to collaborate and write some pretty neat stuff.

According to Taylor, music is their passion, and are heavily influenced by bands like The Head and The Heart and The Civil Wars. She explained that “this song came about the summer before I moved to London and [Willy] was living in Charlotte (hence all the city references). We knew the semester would be hard, so we wrote this song as like a sappy long distance song to make us feel better. We honestly didn’t even intend for people to like it, but then people did! So we made the video as a Christmas present to each other.”

“Me & You” captures all the emotion in a happy-ending love story. Check out their video here! Catch them live at Velour’s Acoustic Show case on March 30th!

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