Exclusive: Michael Ahern of Telesomniac

  “I’d like to think we’re a different sound. We’re trying to introduce a style of music that the Provo music scene hasn’t seen very much of.”   Last Friday, Provo Space rock group Telesomniac released their debut album, Thirty One Flashes In The Dark. We got a chance to… Continue reading

Exclusive: Dave Zimmerman of Noisebox Studios

“We literally sacrificed blood, sweat and tears to make it all come together. It was a roller coaster of complete ups and downs.”   Dave Zimmerman is the owner and operator of the Provo-based Noisebox Studios. A BYU alumni, he graduated from the school’s Media Music program (now the Commercial… Continue reading

Exclusive: Up The Punx – Brendon Crave of Dear Boys

“As soon as music stops being fun, you either need to stop doing it or remember why you started in the first place.”   By Kyle Cornwell July 27th, 2016   If you’ve been around the Provo Punk scene some time in the past six months, chances are you’ve seen… Continue reading

Exclusive: James Junius on Austin City Limits and Heartland Shoegaze

  “The world always seems to have a shortage of kind, loving people, and if you can be that within your social group or community, then you are making difference.”   James Junius is a budding singer/songwriter out of Ephraim, Utah. A graduate of Snow College, he recently relocated to Salt… Continue reading

Exclusive: Up the Punx – Dikembe

  “A bigger wallet and a good taste in music doesn’t mean you should own someone else’s art.”   By Kyle Cornwell July 13, 2016   Dikembe is an emo punk quartet from Gainesville, Florida. The group consists of Ryan Willems (Guitar), Randy Reddell (Bass), David Bell (Drums), and Steven Gray (Guitar/Vocals). They… Continue reading

Exclusive: Using Google+ As A Creator – Part 1/3

  Google+ is an untapped resource for creators. Learn how to use it to expand your audience in our three part series.   While many people have heard of Google+, and many more already have accounts on the platform because of YouTube and Gmail integration, very few people are actually actively… Continue reading

Exclusive: Grant Fry of Wish Granted Records

  Young, eager, and ready to work: Wish Granted Records’ Grant Fry hopes to make Provo musicians’ dreams come true.   July 6, 2016   Wish Granted Records is a Provo, UT based record label that handles copyright and PRO registration, physical and digital distribution, radio promotion, sync licensing, social… Continue reading

Exclusive: Up The Punx – Perspective, a lovely hand to hold

  The Provo Punk Scene would do well to learn from this emo band out of New Hampshire.   By Ted Richards June 29, 2016   Perspective, a lovely hand to hold is an indie/emo math rock band out of Nashua, New Hampshire. The band is made up of lead singer… Continue reading

Exclusive: Velour Battle of the Bands Recap – Finals

Velour’s 2016 Summer Battle of the Bands comes to a satisfying close.   June 27, 2016 After a week of covering Velour’s 2016 Summer Battle of the Bands, I have a few thoughts. First of all, I want to thank Velour for what they do for Provo’s music scene. They… Continue reading

Exclusive: Velour Battle of the Bands Recap – Night 5

After a disqualification and a near disqualification, Night 5 was clearly a battle between two bands only.   Tonight was full of disappointing, last-minute cancellations, and because of this was probably the most disappointing night of the week as far as the number of quality performances goes. Luckily, it was saved… Continue reading