Review: Microphone Heart – Westward the Tide

Westward the Tide reinvent themselves on their latest album. The results are a wonderful addition to the tapestry of Provo music.   Since coming together with their current lineup in January 2013, Westward the Tide has been working hard to gain a following, and they have seen success in a way most… Continue reading

Review: Paradigm – Foreign Figures

Paradigm finds Foreign Figures close to perfecting their craft. While at times formulaic, this is an improvement on the sound of their previous release.   Foreign Figures is at it again. Provo’s resident radio friendly pop/rock group is releasing a new, full-length album this Friday – April 1st. These guys are workhorses, and they… Continue reading

Review: Strike Gold EP – Arloe

The Strike Gold EP features polished production, unique sounds, and stirring vocals that would make Capital Cities proud.   Arloe is the alias of Provo, UT based electronic musician Parker Edwards. Edwards has spent the last 9 months honing and perfecting his craft. It’s apparent that this guy has a keen… Continue reading

Review: Audrey Smilley (Remaster) – Audrey Smilley

  A blast from the past: this recent remaster of a decades-old Provo album made for a surprisingly pleasurable listen.   So, we are a little late on this album review. About 26 years too late. However, in our defense, it was re-released only a few months ago. In the… Continue reading

Review: Young & Unafraid – The Moth & The Flame

  The Moth & The Flame’s latest album is as fearless and bold as the title suggests   Since the release of their eponymous debut on 11/11/11, The Moth & The Flame have been doing nothing but playing great shows and releasing good music. Besides playing incredible events like Provo’s Rooftop Concert… Continue reading

Review: Vintage Dreamin’ – Joshy Soul

While this album struggles with the routine challenges most debuts face, Joshy Soul’s throwback sound is gorgeous. This album is a unique and memorable listen.   Joshua Strauther is no stranger to the Provo music scene. Probably most recognizable to Provo music fans as the mustachioed keyboard player in Mimi… Continue reading

Review: Seasons – John Allred

  While not as intriguing or cohesive as a concept album should be, Seasons features twelve tracks that are emotive and powerful on their own   To anyone who has been anywhere near the Provo music scene in the past decade, John Allred is probably a name that they recognize.… Continue reading

Review: Hive Riot

Hive Riot’s debut album makes for a deeply personal listening experience, featuring beautiful lyrics and a strong lead vocal performance   Hive Riot is the new project from the decorated Mindy Gledhill (more on her here) and her brother-in-law Dustin Gledhill. We all know what Mindy Gledhill is capable of as a musician,… Continue reading

Review: Come Alive EP – Foreign Figures

While musically very impressive, Foreign Figures should improve on their lyrics as they prepare for future releases   Foreign Figures has worked hard to leave their mark on the Provo music scene. The work they’ve put into their music over the last year and a half has been impressive to say the least.… Continue reading

Review: No Complaints – Doris Day.

  The solid part writing and thoughtful ambition of this DIY debut are hindered by an inconsistent lead vocal performance and a poor closing track   For those of you who don’t know, three of the members of the Provo band DateNight have started an emo punk band. Ever since DateNight… Continue reading