Review: Paul Travis – “Braille”

A brilliant album from a brilliant mind, I recommend the entire dozen tracks end up in everyone’s “rainy day” or “reflective” playlists.   Paul Travis is a young singer-songwriter from Mapleton, UT in his twenties that has been recording and releasing music since he was 17. Travis released his latest… Continue reading

Review: Brickson – “Away”

Easy to recommend, Brickson’s Away deserves to be listened to way more than it’s being listened to right now.   It is my job as a reviewer to do some research and know about the band I’m writing about. But apart from learning that they’re a band from Riverton made up of… Continue reading

Review: Doe – Self Titled EP

  I wouldn’t recommend one song from this EP as much as I would recommend the EP in its entirety. Five truly solid tracks.   Doe is a new musical project from Luna Lune’s lead singer, Tessa Barton, and Better Taste Bureau’s Mason Brewer. Their debut EP dropped unexpectedly on February 5th, 2016.… Continue reading

Review: Full Moon – Mythic Valley

Mythic Valley incorporates strong Americana roots into their full band folk. While there are aspects to improve on, Full Moon is a promising first release.    Mythic Valley is the joining of longtime local musicians Tommy Gunn and Anthony Aman. A year after coming together they have released their first EP, Full… Continue reading

Review: Cinders – Self Titled

  This album is full of well written songs that are easy to listen to. Perfect for the beginning of summer.   Between starting and running a recording studio, self producing their new album, and gigging hard, the guys in Cinders are definitely keeping their hands full. They released their first EP, I… Continue reading

Review: I’m Not a Rapper – Jamesthemormon

  Despite some lyrical issues that obscure his thematic statements, this is the strongest rap release out of Provo to date – and a fun listen.   There has been a lot of buzz lately about Jamesthemormon. Many know by now that his EP, I Am Not a Rapper, hit… Continue reading

Review: As It Is – Belle Jewel

Belle Jewel does a fantastic job of pushing her boundaries as a musician while still relating to the listener’s taste.   Wish Granted Records’ Belle Jewel recently released her own original music for the first time. It’s a small, two song EP entitled As It Is. If there is one thing that we can say… Continue reading

Review: The River, The Lark, The Pine – Andrew Wiscombe

What this DIY country album lacks in polish, it makes up for in heart. Wiscombe is a talented songwriter who knows how to reach the hearts of his listeners.   Andrew Wiscombe is the working class man of the music scene in these parts. While many musicians here approach their stage… Continue reading

Review: Islands – OKKAH

The timeless, otherworldly orchestration on “Islands” will win OKKAH the hearts of listeners wherever hearts are found.   OKKAH is a band of mystery. Since the release of Islands, they have been locked away recording a new EP, and emerge only occasionally to grace us with a live performance. Their music is especially mysterious. It is… Continue reading

Review: WWDK – Go Suburban

WWDK is a perfect example of the depth and variety of talent that exists within the Provo music scene. This album deserves a rave review.   After making a return to the local music scene in the winter of 2014, Go Suburban has been working hard to reinvent themselves and find their… Continue reading