Review: Grizzly Goat – Ursus Oreamnos Americanus

Grizzly Goat’s latest LP is a satisfying sequel to their 2015 release, and ought to redefine how people view “folk” in Provo.   October 21, 2016 Provo’s music scene has often been stereotyped as being full of “Folk.” That stereotype does hold some water, since an acoustic guitar is usually the first thing local college… Continue reading

Review: Fictionist – Free Spirit EP

  As a whole, the Free Spirit EP is as bouncy and energetic as its title track, but lacks the challenging musical sensibilities that made their last LP so great.   October 15, 2016 By Tanner Low Many consider the struggle between making art and making money as purely a… Continue reading

Review: Brother. – Volume I

This album features one of the better new songs I have heard in the past few months, local or otherwise.   September 24, 2016 Last month local, artsy, indie-folk group Brother. released their first album – simply entitled Volume I. This is exactly the kind of album title that I wanted to… Continue reading

Review: The Cold Year – Praise the Goat

While not the best album we’ve reviewed, this album isn’t something you hear in Provo every day and has two standout tracks.   September 16, 2016 Toeing the line somewhere between blues, Gypsy jazz, and 70’s rock, The Cold Year is unlike any other band in the area. Along with… Continue reading

Review: Festive People – Parade EP

“Not only would we recommend this to everyone, but you would be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t think it was good.”   September 8th, 2016 Despite their name, the music of Festive People isn’t party music. If anything, it sounds more like the music that should play over a montage of footage… Continue reading

Review: Sunsleeper – Stay The Same

This EP proves one thing unequivocally: the emo revival movement is alive and well in the state of Utah.   Sunsleeper is a new emo/rock band out of Salt Lake City. Comprised of several local veterans, they bring a lot of experience and professionalism to the table. Their first EP,… Continue reading

Review: Rhyme Time – Gnarly

Clever and often hilarious, “Gnarly” is filled with fantastic production and some of the best hip-hop to come from the local scene.   Earlier this month, Rhyme Time (formerly known as Atheist, real name Scott Knopf) of the local hip-hop collective, House of Lewis, released his latest album, Gnarly. This is his first release… Continue reading

Review: Grey Glass – Colorblind

In every category – songwriting, creativity, performance, and production – Grey Glass’ latest release is a step above many of their peers.   Though they have been around for over two years now, Grey Glass has been reborn on their new EP, Colorblind. They’ve left behind their more acoustic, occasionally folk/pop sound,… Continue reading

Review: The Solarists – Strange Love

Well produced, well performed, and not afraid to challenge conventions, “Strange Love” is another great addition to the Provo music collection.   Formed in October of last year, The Solarists have quickly made a name for themselves within the Provo music scene by playing free shows at The Garage, performing well… Continue reading

Review: HOUSEWARMING PARTY – Between Two Mountains

With a little more songwriting experience and some more time in the studio, I think HOUSEWARMING PARTY could shape up to be something good.   In case you haven’t noticed, Reach Provo has a little thing for the small counter-culture that exists in the Provo/Orem area, so we are always… Continue reading