News: The LoveStrange to Release New Single Monday

  Halloween’s about to get a bit stranger. And you’re gonna love it.   October 29, 2016 There’s only two more days until Halloween. Do you know what that means? A brand new, surprise release from local retro-rockers The Love§trange. The band is set to release a two-track retro-punk CD Monday night at… Continue reading

Exclusive: Jackie Tateishi of BYUradio

“The human side is extremely critical to us. I wouldn’t want to be here otherwise.” October 28, 2016 By Zach Collier Jackie Tateishi is the Producer for BYUradio’s Highway 89. A BYU graduate with over a decade of experience in radio, we got to interview Tateishi in studio at BYU Broadcasting headquarters… Continue reading

Review: Grizzly Goat – Ursus Oreamnos Americanus

Grizzly Goat’s latest LP is a satisfying sequel to their 2015 release, and ought to redefine how people view “folk” in Provo.   October 21, 2016 Provo’s music scene has often been stereotyped as being full of “Folk.” That stereotype does hold some water, since an acoustic guitar is usually the first thing local college… Continue reading

Exclusive: Spirit City Says “We’re All Insane”

  “The better we become as songwriters and musicians, the more we just try to write from an honest place and write what we know.”   October 19, 2016 By Zach Collier Spirit City’s upcoming release has received a considerable amount of attention. Baeble Music premiered the music video for their… Continue reading

Review: Fictionist – Free Spirit EP

  As a whole, the Free Spirit EP is as bouncy and energetic as its title track, but lacks the challenging musical sensibilities that made their last LP so great.   October 15, 2016 By Tanner Low Many consider the struggle between making art and making money as purely a… Continue reading

News: LA’s SHōTA Hitting the Utah Music Scene This Weekend

  “When I found out that we would be hitting Salt Lake on the tour, I was really excited.”   October 14, 2016 Los Angeles based pop/soul artist SHōTA will be performing tomorrow at Piper Down Pub in Salt Lake City as part of a tour of the western United… Continue reading

Exclusive: Spencer Petersen of Sego

  “That’s what keeps me coming back. The fans and the community are just a major draw for me.”   October 12, 2016 When I last spoke on the phone with Spencer Petersen, he had just narrowly avoided a car accident in California on his way to grab some tacos for Taco Tuesday.… Continue reading

News: University Place Opens New Park, Celebrates With Music

Four Provo acts will perform as part of The Orchard’s grand opening celebration.   October 6, 2016 On Monday, University Place opened The Orchard – an urban park now at the heart of what was once simply University Mall. Over the last five years, the Woodbury Corporation has been working to transform the mall… Continue reading

News: Provo Ranked Among Cities Most Supportive of Kickstarter Projects

A recent study shows that Provo is incredibly supportive of its creators – specifically its musicians.   October 5, 2016 In a recent visual essay by Polygraph, authors James Wenzel and Matt Daniels used data provided by Kickstarter to examine the cultural climates of cities across the United States. They were given… Continue reading

News: Wish Granted Records Hits Prime Time

Belle Jewel and Kindred Dead made their first prime time television appearances last night.   October 4, 2016 Last night, two acts associated with local indie label Wish Granted Records were featured on two major television networks. These two prime time appearances follow a strong showing from WGR’s hip-hop artist, T.Fitz,… Continue reading