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Norah Jones meets folk rock, Roadie’s new EP is a refreshing blend of vocally driven melodies and organic instrumentation.”


May 25, 2018
By Jordan Ottesen

Those familiar with Aubree Liz’s music might be a bit surprised with this EP; not that it veers away from her sound, in fact they’re all tunes she’s been playing for a while around town, rather it’s a much bigger and fleshed out sound than the usual singer songwriter’s voice and guitar you hear when she posts a phone video of a new tune recorded in her living room. Under the name Roadie, Aubree Liz is proudly announcing to the world that she’s more than just a girl with a guitar, but rather a full production of intentional and soulful sound. She’s added a full rhythm section, calculated electric guitars, choirs, instrumental solos, and even a gnarly instrumental breakdown in “If You Knew” to create a new take on folk rock as a whole.

“All the Word” is an excellent example of how much effort was put into this album from a production standpoint. Almost as if to paint a picture of her journey from a solo act to a full band, it begins the way Aubree’s music has, just her and a guitar, but progresses slowly into a larger sound with the bass sneaking in, then some smooth vocal harmonies accompanied by an electric guitar, then drums, then eventually evolving into a full choir. In th end, the song brings it all back together with just her and her guitar again, seemingly reminding the listener, “this is where it all started”. 

Aubree Liz at the Roadie EP Release Show – Velour Live Music Gallery

The use of a choir throughout the album is tastefully done. She brings them in frequently enough for it to feel common place, but doesn’t give you so much that it grows invasive. It leaves the listener wanting more, and the only way to really get more is to just listen to the songs again. And again… and maybe a few more times for good measure.

“If You Knew” might be the boldest song on this album, involving every bit of her production toolkit. With the full choir, powerful and rolling drum track, and a super groovy instrumental deconstruction of everything sweet, it’s all beautifully woven into a tapestry that tells the world Aubree Liz is just as ready to rock as she is ready sing sweet love ballads.

Throughout the whole EP is Aubree’s smooth but soulful mezzo-soprano voice, tying everything together. It may be fair to say that her voice is the strongest part of Roadie, but with the full band backing her up, there really are no weak points either. Norah Jones meets folk rock, Roadie’s new EP is a refreshing blend of vocally driven melodies and organic instrumentation. This album feels timeless and deserves raving reviews from anyone who’s into contemporary folk.

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